Economic Development Committees

In addition to the Tri County Economic Development (TEDD) Board of Directors, we also have several active committees. Currently there are several Board members working on the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Governance/Membership Committee, Virtual Services Committee, and/or the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee. These committees meet only as needed and report directly to the TEDD Board.

The Northeast Washington Regional Transportation Planning Organization (NEW RTPO) formed the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) that reports to the TEDD Board in regard to regional transportation planning and other related issues. The TAC is made up of county engineers, municipal and tribal planners, and representation from WSDOT.

In 2011, a Transit Committee was organized in order to address transit-specific concerns throughout the region; the Transit Committee reports to the TAC and is made up of select TAC members as well as other regional transit providers and users.

Also reporting to the TEDD Board is the Loan Committee, made up of finance specialists, real estate experts, business owners, and elected officials from around the three-county region.