Consolidated Grant Program

The Consolidated Grant Program funds capital investments; projects that improve public transportation within and between rural communities as well as between cities; and provides transportation services for seniors and persons with disabilities. Eligible applicants include public transit agencies, nonprofit organizations, tribal governments, and other general or local governments.

Regional transportation planning organizations have a significant impact on the ranking of applicants. Each RTPO provides WSDOT with a list of applicants and associated projects in their region ranked by local priority which translates into evaluation points. Using a ranked list, WSDOT matches the highest-ranking projects with the appropriate available source(s) of funding. The goal is to award as many projects as possible.

Complete Streets & Main Street Highway Program

Complete Streets / Main Street is a national movement that promotes accessibility for all users. Typical Complete Streets / Main Street components accommodate pedestrians, bicycles, transit users, personal vehicle and freight trucks.

A growing number of communities in Washington State, and nationwide, have existing Complete Streets / Main Street policies or ordinances. Washington State passed a Complete Streets Bill (HB 1071) that went into effect July 2011, creating a program that would provide grants to communities that meet appropriate criteria.

For more information please visit Washington State Department of Transportation Complete Streets Program

Traffic Counter Loan Program

New RTPO has two Traffic Counters available to help local member agencies perform various traffic counting and data collection activities. Additionally, the NEW RTPO can also provide a pedestrian traffic counters on a need basis.

This program is created to encourage and improve the ongoing traffic data collection efforts for the region through member agencies. To help compliment,  NEW RTPO is also undertaking multiple initiatives to collect local and regional traffic data counts to identify and improve future transportation needs of the region.

If you are a local member city, county or other local agencies within Stevens, Ferry, and Pend Oreille Counties, you can check out our Traffic Counters for free as an effort to support our local agencies.