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With the unprecedented closure of many local businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic TEDD is developing innovative ways to assist our community.

As a part of that initiative, this project will provide training and resources to help our rural small businesses survive the current public health crisis and develop more resilient business strategies going forward.

While the current focus on the impacts social distancing requirements and the road to recovery, we will also continue to curate & create custom educational content, including webinars and training videos, to support the needs of small business owners throughout the region.

The Importance of Resilience

About 99% of businesses in every U.S. community are small and they employ over 50% of the private sector workforce.  Throughout the world, small businesses are an integral element of all of the communities in which they operate.

When businesses suffer the whole community suffers, extending the recovery timeline.

Unfortunately, every community is susceptible to natural hazards, and businesses themselves are also vulnerable to human-caused disruptions. However, the majority of small-to-medium sized businesses are unprepared for one of these emergencies occurring to them. All communities are more vulnerable when their economic base is hit hard by disaster.

Source: The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Resilience 101 Workbook

Creating the programs & sevices you need

Regional Small Business Needs Assessment

Your responses to this survey will help us focus on curating & creating the content you need for a successful recovery. Beyond that horizon, your responses will also show us how to strengthen small businesses in the region and become more resilient to any business disruptions.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Helping Tri County business owners survive & thrive

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