Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) reports to the TEDD Board in regard to regional transportation planning and other related issues. The TAC is made up of county engineers, municipal and tribal planners, and representation from WSDOT.

The TAC meets every other month, on the 4th Wednesday, at 11:00 a.m. at the TEDD office in Colville, WA.

TAC Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from the previous twelve months are available below. Older minutes are available upon request.

2019 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

07/24/19 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

05/22/19 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

03/27/19 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

01/23/19 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

2018 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

12/07/18 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

09/26/18 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

07/25/18 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

05/23/18 TAC/RTPO Meeting Minutes

Transit Committee

The Transit Committee reports to the NEW RTPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and is made up of select TAC members as well as other regional transit providers and users.

The Committee meets quarterly, unless otherwise warranted, at 10:00 a.m. on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the TEDD office in Colville, WA.