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Taking Care of Business...From Home

In accordance with the Governor’s 'Stay Home, Stay Healthy' directive the Tri County Economic Development District (TEDD) offices will be closed until further notice. #TeamTEDD will be working from home, and is standing by to provide assistance to local businesses.

According to TEDD Executive Director, Jeff Koffel, “TEDD is working to assess the massive COVID-19 economic impacts in our region, identify resources, and provide information to our community. We are only at the beginning of this crisis and we should expect and be prepared for the situation to worsen before we see improvement. Our immediate focus to provide what support and relief we can to our regional businesses.”

Deferred Loan Payments

The TEDD's Executive Committee signed a resolution effective March 19th, authorizing the Executive Director to offer three months of deferred loan payments to all small businesses currently served by the Rural Opportunities Loan Fund, and allows all late fees and penalties to be waived for all regular payments due April 1, 2020- June 30, 2020.

For more information please contact the TEDD Loan Officer, Cassindra Maravilla, at (509) 684-4571 or e-mail

Please take a moment & let your voice be heard!

Regional Small Business Needs Survey

We're creating an online resource with the programs & services <i>you </i>need. Your responses to our survey will help us focus on curating & creating the content you need for a successful recovery. Beyond that horizon, your responses will also show us how to strengthen small businesses in the region and become more resilient to any business disruptions.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.