Quilt Giveaway for Local Veterans

If you visited Tri County Economic Development District (TEDD) in November, you saw the handiwork of Valerie Lamont and Judy Lockner, two local women who love to quilt. Their beautiful quilts were displayed as part of Gallery TEDD. Recently Lockner had completed a quilt that she wanted to be able to give to a veteran, but she wasn’t sure how to go about it. After Lockner and Lamont took down their quilt display they approached Silas Rappe, the Regional Mobility and & Veteran Services Coordinator at TEDD, with an idea of how they could get quilts that they make out to local veterans. “I have always felt the need to do something for a veteran as they do so much for us,” said Lockner, “I would have the best Christmas knowing my quilt was keeping a veteran warm.” They pitched their idea to bring in quilts that they make throughout the year that will be “raffled” off to veterans in the area. “I thought it was a great idea and I was on board 100%. I feel it’s a great way to give back and it a wonderful example of this community and the way in which folks are willing to help each other out.” commented Rappe.  TEDD Executive Director Jeff Koffel felt that it was great to see local individuals wanting to give back to our veteran population and was proud to have TEDD involved.

For the next few weeks when you walk into TEDD you will notice a quilt showcased in the lobby. This is the first Veteran Quilt that will be given away, the drawing will be held just before Christmas. If you would like to nominate a veteran or are a veteran yourself, you may submit an entry for this special drawing.  Entry forms will be available at the TEDD office, 986 S Main, Colville, WA, 99114, here on the TEDD website and TEDD Facebook page where an entry form can be downloaded and emailed or dropped off at the office. All local veterans are invited to enter and anyone can submit entries nominating a local veteran that they know. The winning name will be drawn on Wednesday, December 20th, so entries need to be in by the Tuesday, December 19th at 4:00 pm to be eligible. For more information, please contact Silas Rappe at 509-684-4571. “We hope that the quilts will offer comfort and underline our appreciation for their many sacrifices” commented Lamont.

Click below to download entry form:

veteran quilt

veteran quilt

Judy Lockner and her Veteran Quilt to be given away to a local veteran.