Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Program

NEW RTPO’s Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan (CPTHSTP) for the tri-county region, including the three Native American Reservations – Colville, Spokane and Kalispel reservations, seeks to improve transportation coordination in the region, address the transportation needs of older adults, persons with disabilities, veterans, and low-income individuals, and establishes priorities to inform funding decisions for specialized transportation services.

The plan includes information on existing transportation resources serving transportation-disadvantaged populations in the region, as well as transportation gaps faced by these populations. The plan also contains demographic data from the Census Bureau, documents innovative strategies and best practices from state, regional, and other local coordination efforts, and introduces new research and regional strategies to improve transportation service delivery and coordination.

In 2011, the Transit Committee, was organized to address transit-specific concerns throughout the region; the Transit Committee reports to the NEW RTPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and is made up of select TAC members as well as other regional transit providers and users. The Committee meets quarterly, unless otherwise warranted. Meetings are generally held at 10:00 a.m. on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the TEDD office in Colville, WA. Contact Kinsey Larsen or Melinda Lee for the most up-to-date schedule or for more details.

The Transit Committee has completed a Mid-Point Review of the CPT-HSTP in 2016, which is available here:

2016 CTP-HSTP Mid-Point Review

2016 CTP-HSTP Addendum

Pages from WSDOT 5310 Circular 5107 2007

Economic Benefits of Coordinating HST TCRP_RPT_91-1

As grant season approaches we have provided some helpful forms and information. Below you can find the 2016 Consolidated Grant Application form, 2016 Consolidated Grant Application Instructions, 2017-2019 Consolidated Grant Short Form, Draft of 2016 CTP-HSTP Mid-Point Review, and Draft of 2016 CTP-HSTP Mid-Point Review Addendum. The ranking allotments will include A’s – 5, B’s – 5, C’s – 5, D’s – Unlimited. Please keep in mind this timeline approved by TAC on August 24, 2016.

2017 – 2019 Consolidated Grant Applications

Process for NEW RTPO Rankings

Date Activity / Action
August 22nd (approx.) WSDOT Consolidated Grant Applications Available
August 24th TAC / TEDD Board Announce Call for Projects & Discuss Process
Sept 18th – 21st Public Transportation Conference in Wenatchee
September 28th Transit & TAC Meetings Follow-up Discussion on Application Process
October 14th Full Applications due to WSDOT
October 24th Short Forms due to NEW RTPO for Distribution
October 26th Short Forms sent to TAC/Board Members for Review
November 9th  (10am – Noon) Special TAC Meeting for Ranking Applications
December 7th Consolidated Grant Application Rankings Approved by TEDD Board
December 9th Rankings Submitted to WSDOT
April 2017 Grant Awards Tentatively Announced