Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program(TIP) is the funding mechanism for capital improvements for a multimodal transportation network that includes projects such as pavement overlays, roadway widening, bridge replacement or repair, signal systems, safety enhancements, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and transit improvements.

As the Northeast Washington Regional Transportation Planning Organization (NEW RTPO), state regulations require the development of a six-year Regional Transportation Improvement Program (Regional TIP) that must be updated, at least, every two years. The purpose of the Regional TIP is to outline the region’s transportation projects, financing plans based on demonstrated consistency between project implementation and regional planning goals.

The Regional TIP is formed from Six-Year Transportation Improvement Programs (Local TIPs) that are developed by NEW RTPO member jurisdictions. The State of Washington requires cities, towns, counties and tribes to submit a list of projects annually; the list constitutes a six-year financial plan for transportation project implementation.

Consistent with State as well as Federal mandates, the Regional TIP is a financially constrained plan. All projects in the current TIP listed as “selected” (S), have secured funding and are ready for implementation during the planning period of the current TIP. All projects listed as “planned” (P), are projects listed in the Local TIPs but do not have secured funding. The list identifies needed improvements in the region.

View our FINAL 2018-2023 Annual TIP Report