Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a long-range plan that includes a review of the regional transportation system, issues of regional significance, relationships to other planning efforts, level of service standards, performance monitoring, current and future deficiencies, financial plan, regional transportation system improvement strategy and regional transportation plan implementation. In short, the RTP is a “blueprint” that guides the region’s state and federal transportation investments in the transportation system to reduce congestion, improve transit service and maintain freight access over a medium-long term time perspective.

In it, the goals and objectives and wide-ranging policies on which the Plan is based describe the major concepts that the region’s residents would like to achieve with the transportation system and reflects local desires for travel and transportation as expressed in these communities’ adopted comprehensive and master plans. This framework lays a foundation for the kinds of plans and projects that will provide the best transportation solutions.

With the help of Eastern Washington University, Department of Urban Planning and with WSDOT financial support, the 2015-2019  update of the RTP has been completed.

View our NEW RTPO – RTP 2015-2019

NEW RTPO RTP 2015-2019 Addendum Final

NEW RTPO RTP 2015-2019 Mid Point Review Final